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Donated Bicycle Collections – We Need You and Your Wheels

In 2019 a total of 1,595 bicycles were collected by our wonderful volunteers here at Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne. We want to beat this record this year, but we need your help.

Bicycle donations span far and wide across Melbourne and Victoria. So we either collect bicycles which have been dropped off to our wonderful friends at Bicycles Superstore, or we head out to collect the donated bicycles from other various locations.

Now here’s where you come in – We currently have 1 ute and driver for donated bicycle pickups, but we are keen to have another to assist with our donated bicycle collections. We aren’t just looking for another ute or other set of wheels. If you or your friends are willing to help out with collecting bicycles, then please register your interest online via our Register Your Interest to Volunteer contact form or by sending us an email to

Let’s hope we can set a new record in 2020 with the number of donated bicycles we collect with your help!

B4H Melbourne Packing Day – February 2020

The donor bikes are amassing! So we are calling on all our volunteers to come to help at our next packing day.

When: Sunday, 16th of February from 9:30am

Where: Parkview Secure Self Storage, 359 Lower Dandenong Road, Dingley Village

How: Please register yourself as a Volunteer using our new B4H Online Volunteer Registration website so our Team can cater food and drinks to thank you for your efforts and keep you powered throughout the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE For those of you attending the Volunteer Packing Day this coming Sunday 16 Feb 2020, please note that the gate to the premises will not be open as per past packing days (new security arrangements). Ideally, if volunteers arrive at 9.30am, that would greatly assist. If the gate is closed when you arrive, please call me on 0407836709 or Bill on 0450004424, and we will swipe you in.

Thanks to Kwan for putting together a behind the scenes time lapse video of what the packing day entails through the magic of Vimeo:

BEN Namibia – BEST Programme 2020 Planned Activities

Funding from the Intrepid Foundation will enable us to intensify BEST Programme activities in 2020.

One of our main aims is to conduct regional training activities. We hope to foster greater cooperation among regional clusters of shops. In particular, we will explore the implementation of a system of collective monitoring and mutual support for financial management, with much the same approach as micro-financing collectives. With the agreement of our partners, we plan to make certain financial data such as payments for the costs of supplying bicycles available to the collective, providing a stimulus for each shop to better manage payments and reporting, with positive incentives as well as consequences for late or non-payment.

We also aim to address complementary business activities. Namibia’􏰀s ongoing economic crisis makes surviving as a small social enterprise very challenging. Diversifying can help supplement income when demand for bicycle sales and servicing dips. Our partner shops have had mixed success with diverse activities such as sales of micro-solar lighting/phone charging units, concrete brick making and bakeries. We will be exploring in greater detail why some complementary activities have succeeded at some shops and not others, and designing training and tools around these activities. The regional trainings will serve as platforms for information sharing.

One of our aims going forward is to bring on board a full time coordinator for the BEST programme, whose role would also include fundraising to sustain the programme. Funding this position is seen as essential to expanding the programme and helping our partner shops to thrive. The current funding from Intrepid Foundation makes this position more feasible. We will be planning carefully how to maximise the impact of such a position.

There are a number of complementary projects due for delivery in 2020, such as solar electric bicycles, bicycle ambulances and a solar electric school vehicle, which will all be associated with our partner shops. We will also provide support to our shops in managing these projects. In addition, a number of shops are now participating in a national youth BMX programme, which has been successful in engaging children in cycling. We hope to expand this programme to include more shops in our network.

Expanding Namibia􏰀s successful national youth BMX programme through our partner shop network is among the many complementary activities we aim to stimulate through the BEST programme in 2020. Many shops sent participants to Namibia􏰀s National BMX Championships this year.

More Information

More info on BEN Namibia and the BEST Programme can be found on our specific BEN Namibia BEST Programme Project page.

Our 2020 Vision: Empowering Hope, Communities and Overcoming Challenges

Get knocked down. Get up again

The 2020 new year has brought with it some very challenging situations. Our beautiful Australian landscape has been scarred by bushfires which continue to burn on across our Eastern shores.

Lives, homes, businesses and wildlife have been lost. Although out of the ashes, the camaraderie and generosity of not only Australians all around the country, but also on a much greater international scale is something to be truly proud of.

When people come together as one, raising eachother up, incredible things can be achieved and hope can, and is restored. So while the impacts of the fires have had devastating effects, our local and international community has again shown we are greater than our most challenging trials.

We at Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne value that charitable spirit and if you are looking to give back to local and international communities as a Volunteer we would love to hear from you.

This February lets focus on mateship and the power of the people. Join us at our first bicycle packing day for 2020 and help us ship another load of bicycles to our friends in Africa. See the details on our next bicycles packing day.

Our Challenge for the next Decade

We’ve set ourselves our own Bicycles for a Humanity Melbourne challenge this year to reach 30,000 bicycle donations by 2030.

With over 10,000 bicycles collected and donated in our first 10 years, we’re already on a roll. Please come join us, volunteer and together we can build on the momentum to reach our ambitious goal.

2019 Statistics, Summary and Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne this year! There have been so many of you.

Special shout out to Pete, Phil, Bill, Monika, Michael, John and all the other volunteers for taking time out of their day to go out and pick up bicycles across Melbourne, the volunteers who came out to Dingley at our Bicycles For Humanity Melbourne Packing Days both new and old, everyone involved behind the scenes, from our marketing, events and HR teams. Thank you so much for your help, we really couldn’t do it without you! 

This year we saw two members of the Bicycles for Humanity family – Dean and Gary depart for pastures a new and welcomed new members to the Bicycles for Humanity family. A special thank you to Leifke for coming on board and organising our Solar Charged Raffle and Susan for overseeing our volunteer recruitment.

From the Melbourne to Namibia Challenge to the Solar Charged Raffle and the Maud St Collective exhibition, and everyone in between. Thank you for your generous donations throughout 2019, your kindness does not go away unappreciated!

FINALLY, a BIG thank you to Andy, MJ, Gary, Dean, Amanda, Uri, Marty, Jules, Ira, Pete and Kevin for all the work you have done and the work you continue to do for Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne. 

We wish all our supporters, volunteers and everyone else involved with Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne a great festive season and see you all in 2020! 

Donated Bicycles Mapping & Tracking Project

Are you wondering where your donated bicycles are going? Or what they’re being used for?

The donated bicycle mapping and tracking project is currently in being developed and finalised.

Not only is this project aimed at targeting Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne’s sustainable development goals, it will also allow bicycle donors to form a more personal connection with their bicycle donations, once they have been shipped off. 

Tracking devices will be placed on certain bicycles to track the number of kilometres they travel. As well as this, the devices will be placed on bicycle ambulances, so that the number of people those ambulances pick up can be tracked. This way, you will be able to see for yourself the valuable impact your bicycle donations are having.

The Bicycles Mapping project is still a work in progress, but it is an exciting step for both Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne and our donors. Keep an eye out for more updates soon.

2019 Exceeding Bicycle Collection and Packing Numbers

2019 has set an exciting precedent for the amount of bicycles collected, packed and sent to Africa for ongoing Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne projects.

In 2018, the tally stood at 1,117 bicycles collected, packed and sent. This year 1,595 bicycles have been collected, and 1,420 bicycles packed into 3.5 containers. That exceeds last years’ packing numbers by 303 bikes. Our volunteers have been hard at work throughout the year to make this possible, but their hard work isn’t over yet.

Our final volunteer packing day for 2019 is on Sunday 15th of December. Hopefully we will break 2018’s bicycle collection and packing record even further!

B4H Melbourne Packing Day – December 2019

The donor bikes are amassing! So we are calling on all our volunteers to come to help at our next packing day.

When: Sunday, 15th of December from 9:30am

Where: Parkview Secure Self Storage, 359 Lower Dandenong Road, Dingley Village

How: Please register yourself as a Volunteer using our new B4H Online Volunteer Registration website so our Team can cater food and drinks to thank you for your efforts and keep you powered throughout the day.

Thanks to Kwan for putting together a behind the scenes time lapse video of what the packing day entails through the magic of Vimeo:

Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) Namibia – BEST Programme 2019 Progress Report

Funding from the Intrepid Foundation has enabled Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne and its partner organisation BEN Namibia to support its bicycle distribution work in disadvantaged Namibian communities.

Since October 2018, BEN Namibia has:

  • Provided comprehensive mechanic training to shops in Opuwo and Windhoek.
  • Provided ongoing business training to shops in Opuwo and Windhoek
  • Provided mechanic training to 10 youth in Omakange Village
  • Fabricated 10 solar electric bicycle ambulances for delivery through its partner shops
  • Delivered 110 bicycles to school children
  • Made support visits to shops in:
    • Outapi
    • Oshakati
    • Ondangwa
    • Otjiwarongo
    • Linyanti
    • Singalamwe
    • Walvis Bay
    • Swakopmund
    • Katima Mulilo
  • Provided ongoing general support for all the shops
  • Assisted a partner shop with physical relocation

With support from the BEST programme Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne have been able to provide another 155 donated bicycles from Melbourne to school children in Namibia over the past 12 months. They were delivered in three locations: The DRC Community in Swakopmund, Katima Mulilo and Omakange Village in the Kunene Region. In Omakange, which is a long distance from our nearest partner bicycle shop, we have also provided mechanic training to enable the students to maintain their own bicycles. One of the older students, who shows particular aptitude, will be provided with extensive mechanic training in November 2019 to enable him to start his own bicycle repair business.

Full 2019 Progress Report Document

See further information about BEN Namibia’s work and read the full report using the link below:

BEN Namibia BEST Programme 2019 Progress Report (PDF)

More Information

More info on BEN Namibia and the BEST Programme can be found on our specific BEN Namibia BEST Programme Project page.