Melbourne, Australia

Our 2020 Vision: Empowering Hope, Communities and Overcoming Challenges

Get knocked down. Get up again The 2020 new year has brought with it some very challenging situations. Our beautiful Australian landscape has been scarred by bushfires which continue to burn on across our Eastern shores. Lives, homes, businesses… Read More

Donated Bicycles Mapping & Tracking Project

Are you wondering where your donated bicycles are going? Or what they’re being used for? The donated bicycle mapping and tracking project is currently in being developed and finalised. Not only is this project aimed at targeting Bicycles… Read More

Bicycles for Humanity – Solar Charged Raffle

Monday 8th of July – Friday 16th August Enter B4H Solar Charged Raffle All funds raised will go towards better sustainability and empowerment for communities in Africa. Your Donations. Solar Charged.  If you aren’t already following along to our Bicycles… Read More

Volunteer Thank You

“Nothing Happens without the parking attendant, folks!” – our 10 year journey and a thank you message from Andy Gild, B4H Melbourne President It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years already. In some ways… Read More

Beyond Ourselves

“From little things to big things” We recently celebrated our 10th Anniversary, and took a moment to reminisce on our achievements to date. Like in life, each action we take moves us forward, opening new doors and opportunities… Read More

Melbourne to Namibia 2018 Fundraising Challenge

2018 Fundraising Challenge Ride a Bike for 110 kms. Raise funds to support our work. Spread the message of social goodness and win prizes!! Bicycles for Humanity’s major charity event for 2018  is back and we’re aiming even… Read More

The Katima Bike Shop, Namibia

The Katima.  Hard Working Men’s Club, Bike Shop was established in 2011 with a container of bikes from the Melbourne chapter of Bicycles For Humanity. This BEC was fully funded by the effort of Hap Cameron and Mandy… Read More

Chibobo Bike Workshop, Zambia

Our second container of bikes was being implemented as a BEC ( Bicycle Empowerment Centre) in the small village of Chibobo in Zambia. There it  supports the Chibobo orphanage.You can learn more about the orphanage at the Help… Read More

The Kaoko Bike Shop – Opuwo, Namibia

Our first container of bikes left for Namibia in June 2009. It is now an  extremely successful bike work shop in the town of Opowu in northern Namibia. Implemented with the help of BEN Nambia as a Bicycle Empowerment… Read More