Melbourne, Australia

Donate Your Bicycle

Your unwanted bicycles help power communities by providing locals with basic transportation as well as providing better access to education, vital resources and healthcare. Donate to Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne to give your bicycle a new life.

You can drop off your unwanted bicycle to one of the many Bicycle Superstores around Melbourne and Victoria. Alternatively, you can contact our local Volunteers in an area near you to arrange collection of your unwanted bicycles.

Drop Off Donations


Bicycle Superstores
Find your nearest store:


Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast

Lyn: 03 5255 2638

Arrange Collection

Greater Melbourne

Phil: 0407 836 709
Bill: 0450 004 424
Peter: 0402 501 541


John: 0411 565 767
Monika: 0407 799 751  


Michael: 0412732375

What Kind of Bicycles?

Please note that we can only accept working or easily fixable bicycles as donations.

We need Biycles like this:


 Not this:


In the developing world the most useful are:

  • Adult sized sturdy Hybrid or Mountain bicycles.

We can now also accept all BMX bicyclesor children’s bicycles 24″or larger. 

Generally we cannot accept small children’s bicycles as we are routinely over run with them however clear we make it that they cannot usually be used. Sorry as a volunteer run organisation we need to be as efficient as possible with the time we are able to give to the project.

If you have an adult sized bicycle in reasonable condition that is unsuitable for the developing world we can still use it to benefit the project by repurposing it for use here in Australia through partnerships with other bicycle based charities. Your bicycle will certainly be put to good use and find a new life.